Loan Management System

I. Feature
   1. General
       -Multiple Branch (99), Sub-branch (99 for each branch) and Consolidate
       -Multiple Currency (KHR, USD and THB) and Consolidate
       -User Authentication/Permission (Admin, Limit – Add New, Update, Delete, Report… )
       -Official Location
       -Holiday Rule (Previous, Next and The Same)
       -Loan Center (Meeting Schedule, Loan Officer …): 999 centers for each sub-branch
       -Loan Client: 9999 clients for each sub-branch
       -Loan Disburse: 999999 disburses for each sub-branch
       -Loan Product (Agriculture, Trade, Education …)
       -Loan Account Type (Individual and Group)
       -Loan Penalty
       -Loan Fee
       -Manage Exchange Rate
       -Multi Filter on Reports (Ms Excel)
       -Backup, Restore, and Repair

 2.Loan Report
       Loan Disbursement
       Fee Repayment
       Loan Outstanding
       Loan Late
       Loan Write-Off ( In Period )
       Loan Write-Off ( End Period )
       Loan Repayment
       Loan Closed (Paid Off, Completed)
       Collection Sheet
       Client History
    2- Summary
       Loan Breakdown By Category
       Loan Breakdown By Currency
       Loan classification, Provision, and Delinquency
       Network Information
       Interest Rate: Declining Balance
       Repayment Frequency: Weekly and Monthly
       Repayment Type: Normal, Closing and Penalty (No Surplus and Keeping)
       Training and installation in Battambang province.